GPS – Global Positioning System.

A very much useful device that even the inventors did not think that it would reach this far.

This satellite-based device is actually a navigation system.

Helping a lot of people finding their destination since 1973.

Although it was made for the US military, it started helping people of every sphere from 1995.

Since then, it’s one of the must-have gadgets for the tourists,

These are just the beginning, people nowadays cannot even think what GPS can do.

So we made a list of that GPS can do.

1. Preventing Sharks from attacking humans.

Even though, Shark attacks toward human are a rare case, but not so little.

In Florida, 98 shark attacks occurred alone in 2016.

But now it’s been reduced by GPS.

Lot’s of sharks have been tagged by GPS and some people have kept them under surveillance. So that they can get alarmed when the sharks come to the beach shore

( Already there are 50 sharks have been tagged by a company named OCEARCH, and anyone can see them entering into Ocearch website )

Whenever any shark reaches near to the beach shore, an alarm alerts the lifeguard and other people who are working for surfers and tourists.

This saves a lot of peoples lives.

Two way Radios are used to do this

2. Tracking Stolen Prescription Drugs

A very powerful and addictive painkiller named Oxycodone is very much popular in the black market and used for non-medical purposes. This medicine is very popular in the black market, This medicine gets stolen by thieves from drugstores in order to sell them in the black market.

To stop these stealing, police puts technologically advanced GPS on bottles of Oxycodone. And keeps at least one bottle carrying GPS in the box.

When the thieves, steal those boxes, either police or detectives track them.

As a result, the rate of stealing medicines like Oxycodone got reduced.

  • Enjoy your Vacations

New to a place or went on a vacation?

After finding a hotel and a travel guide the most unbearable problem is unfamiliar roads and to get lost in an unknown place.

It creates interrogation in enjoying your vacation properly.

If you have any possibility to get in this kind of troubles, just make sure that you have got a GPS on your pocket.

And get set up.Set your camping kits

GPS will help you find your location even in a very unfamiliar place.

it will show you the way back to home or hotel.

So, if you have got a GPS with you, don’t hesitate to get separated from your team and enjoy your view .

  • Safeguarding  Jesus figurine.

“Diner”, the 80’s comedy movie where there was a scene of stealing  Jesus figurine from the church.

That was really a painfully funny scene.

But, nowadays we do not have to face that kind of incident anymore.

Because a New York-based company named Brickhouse Security is supplying GPS tracking devices in free to churches and other religious organization.

They set up these GPS devices with Jesus figurine and keep it activated.

So that whenever the Jesus figurines get stolen, the devices send mail or message to the owner, and they can also help police to track it by sending a signal from the Jesus figurine.

  • Guiding Driverless Cars.

From the last decade, companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Tesla are trying to make Driverless cars.

But, the only interruption between them and the driverless cars is the navigation system.

In other words, how the cars will be navigated, guided to move and break safely on the roads.

GPS gave us an easy solution for this.

When a GPS is set with the Driverless car, it scans the location of the car, keeps tracking and recording the speed, makes a file of things the car will meet until it reaches the destination, and a laser which is situated in the rooftop makes replica hologram of the objects from all sides of the car to indicate danger and environment around the car.

The Driverless cars have cameras with them which scans traffic lights, signals and other scenes made for running cars like a human signal, Traffic police signal, the sudden presence of human or pets in the road etc.

The camera sends data to the control panel of the car and control panel takes decisions which are made artificially.

There is some limitation for Driverless cars, those are – the car can’t cross 25mph speed to ensure the scanning process and they can be addressed ‘safe’ only when they are in the registered roads of Google Map.

This is how GPS helped Driverless car become real from the dream.

These are just a few from thousands of uses for GPS.

GPS has changed our lives from the day of its service.

We hope that, in future, it will help us in some more tremendous ways

Jack Hudson

Passionate for Biking. Love to give long tours with my Bike. Cross-country mainly

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