Best GPS For Bike : The Ultimate Guide

What Is GPS?

GPS: Global Positioning System.
GPS is a device which is capable to receive data from GPS satellites, it can calculate and at the same time it can find out the geographic position of the targeted device.
One of the must-have tool for travelers, hikers, scouts, mountaineers and ………..did I mention tourists?
It’s mainly used to get directions in places where human eye or paper map cannot give.
GPS is a system which works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, works without subscription or agreement fees, Setup cost is not needed, works in any weather, anywhere in the world.
With GPS anyone can measure their running route, find a way back home, find out a perfect place in a new city and adventure almost anywhere.


GPS: The History.


GPS, owned by the USA, this satellite-based navigation system gets commands from United States Air Force
It was invented in 1973 for military use and became available and free for the civilians in 1980.
The GPS system got fully operational in 1995.


How Does A GPS work?


GPS is actually a satellites based navigation system.
Its capability depends on satellites.
It also runs by the radio and the internet.
GPS started its operation with 24 satellites. These 24 satellites send data and help GPS to find out location, road, and other devices or GPS.

Best Mountain Bike GPS

Best Mountain Bike GPS

Let me explain it to you with an example :

Let’s suppose, you are lost in a jungle in which you are totally unfamiliar with. You don’t know where is this jungle situated, where are you situated in this jungle, I mean you don’t know which part of the jungle are you in, you don’t even know whether there’s any town or village available or not.
At that time another person named ‘B’ came to you. He is in the same situation. But, he has a map which is of no use. Because both of you don’t know where are you guys situated in this jungle. In order to move somewhere, you need to know your position, then you can decide where to go, how far to go to reach in a town or village.
Eventually, a person named ‘B’ came to you guys. He gave you guys an information that you guys are 120 Kilo Metres away from ‘X’ town. But, he could not tell you the direction. Means, he could not tell in which direction the town is situated. So, still, you guys could not move.
Person “A”, taking town ‘X’ as the center, drew a circle around town X in the measure of 120 Kilo Metres.
Now, you guys know, you are situated somewhere in the line of that circle.
But, that doesn’t give you a proper direction to move.

best bike gps

best bike gps


At last, another person named ‘C’ came and told that the position of you guys is 170 Kilo Metres away from Town ‘ Y’.He also could not tell the exact direction of town ‘Y’.
Person ‘A’ drew another circle measuring 170 Kilo Metres on the map taking town ‘Y’ as the center.
This circle reached and crossed the previous one.
Yet, it’s unknown what exactly where are you guys situated in.
And you guys could not move either.

Finally, a person named ‘D’ came to you and told you that you are 50 Kilo Meters away from town ‘Z’.
He also wasn’t capable to tell you guys the direction. But, this time, it wasn’t a problem anymore.
Because this time person ‘A’ drew a circle around town ‘Z’ measuring 50 Kilo Metres.
Now, All the three circles were at the same point and that is your present situation.
Now, all of you can move anywhere. Cause now guys know your position, where to in which way to go.
This is how GPS helps people finding out their way to home and other destinations
Satellites nowadays work exactly in the same way.
they collect data from at least 3 satellites
To track one’s movement and calculate the 2D (longitude and latitude) position a GPS should be connected with at least 3 satellites. And to get the exact position of the person in 3D position (longitude, latitude, and altitude), the receiver GPS must be connected with 4 or more satellites with it in order to provide an accurate result.
Usually, most of the GPS get themselves connected with 8 or more satellites but depending on your time and the position of yours in the earth.
Depending on time and position, your GPS can give you either the most accurate result or the lowest than everyone else who used GPS that day.

After getting one’s exact position, GPS unit starts calculating these Data’s

Trip distance
Distance to destination
Sunrise and sunset time
And more

Users don’t have to send any kind of data to operate it.
A GPS can also be operated by telephonic or internet connection.
However, if your GPS is using an Internet connection or reception, it will become more powerful than as usual in positioning.
It provides great services to military and commercial users.


best budget bike computer

best budget bike computer




GPS nowadays are more accurate than the versions of previous decades.
From the beginning, GPS was getting so many updates. And that made them so powerful.
After all, it was made for the Armies.



From the time it was launched, GPS was and still is a life saver.
It helped millions of people finding their home, way, and destination.
There may be something even better can be invented, but nothing never will be able to take down the helps GPS served to people for decades.
GPS helped people in an era when technology was just a child.


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