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Woman Divorced Husband For Bike Addiction

A Turkish Woman named Yağmur filed a divorce paper against her husband, she put all the responsibilities against the bike her husband owns and claimed that bike has ruined her married life. She has demanded $106,111 ( 400,000 Turkish lira) as the indemnity because her husband has mentally tortured her because of his bike to […]

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Best GPS For Bike : The Ultimate Guide

What Is GPS? GPS: Global Positioning System. GPS is a device which is capable to receive data from GPS satellites, it can calculate and at the same time it can find out the geographic position of the targeted device. One of the must-have tool for travelers, hikers, scouts, mountaineers and ………..did I mention tourists? It’s […]

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Best Bike Phone Mount: Best of 2019

If you want your phone to be both connected and attached to your bike while riding, you must have to pick a bike phone mount While going on a long tour, most of the people take their phones with them in order to record the tour, view the map or listen to a song while […]

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