Best Bike Phone Mount: Best of 2019

If you want your phone to be both connected and attached to your bike while riding, you must have to pick a bike phone mount

While going on a long tour, most of the people take their phones with them in order to record the tour, view the map or listen to a song while riding.

Your phone can get a good and safe location and you can access your phone easily without getting it damaged and lost if use a phone holder for bike.

N:B: Major problems can occur if the phone is in the pocket or on hand while riding. It should be outside and handsfree.
If you are riding a bike and watching the map or operating the phone at the same time, then it’s a life-threatening task not only for your phone but also you.
With a phone holder, a bike can be unstoppable.

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bike phone mount

bike phone mount

Finally, when you decide to get a bicycle phone mount for both your bike and phone, you may face a pretty good, big trouble, the trouble


1. Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount

This phone mount made from strong and hard Plastic is our number 3 choice for you who wants the best in affordable price.

This easy to use, adjustable and silicon net mount secures and locks your phone with 6 points of connection.


A bike is not only a transportation system now.
It’s a hobby, a good way to improve health, and more.
People who own a bike usually takes long Tours with their bike for both hobbies and because of health improvements prescribed by doctors.
Most of the people who ride a long way or takes long Tours usually like to take their phones with them. Because normally, long tours are held in an unknown or in a place far away from home.
So, it’s necessary to use a phone to navigate in an unknown area.
But, riding a bike by getting directions from a phone which is in your hands, not an easy task. You have to use a bike phone holder to navigate hands freely.
If you keep it in your pocket and taking it out every time you want to see the map, then it’s a double problem.

Bicycle Phone Mount

Bicycle Phone Mount

Yes, you can also use a bike computer to do tasks like navigating, monitoring on your body and fitness, but not everyone can afford a GPS computer.
But, everyone has the affordability to buy a phone by which they can do all the things one can do with a GPS Computer. And we wish you also have a phone, if you haven’t one, you would not have come to this article 😉

We know that you love your phone. So, we don’t want your $700+ phone to be lost and you to be informed about this after riding a few miles after the phone is lost from your pocket while keeping it in the pocket on your bike ride.
Maybe it was a more expensive phone than we can even think. Who knows how rich you are;)?

So, we have listed some phone mounts for you including iPhone bike mount so that you can choose your desired bicycle phone mount.


What are the cell phone mounts and bikers need this thing?
A bicycle phone mount is some kind of phone holder for bikes which keeps your phone bound with your bicycle handlebars.

Bike phone holder

Bike phone holder Bike phone holder

When anyone sets up cell phone mount with his bike, he gets the ability to touch and use his phone without keeping it on his palm.

When you have a cell phone mount with you and connected, you won’t have to stop your enjoyable ride to find your phone from pocket and see the map.

At least you won’t have to get your phone out of your pocket just to see a message or mail which you could do by only a blink of your eye.

By reading or understanding the notification, it will be easy for you to decide whether you should stop and manage what the notification says or enjoy the ride and manage it after the ride ends.

If it is just a matter of watching the map or monitoring your health and fitness report regarding your bike and tour, you can do it easily without moving your eye out of the road.
Bike phone holder can help you make your bike tour uninterrupted.


If you have finalized that you would buy a phone mount for bike, then we should inform you about one thing.
There’s actually lot’s of phone mounts will be available in the market.
All of them comes in 3 types or category.
1. universal bracket mounts
2. Case Mounts
3. Frame Bags..


How I started using bike phone mount.
I am a hardcore biker. I am biking from my childhood. I do not hesitate to go to biking in any season, road, climate or environment.
I always join each and every rally and cross country event I see in my city.
For this reason, I have to go too far away from home every now and then.
And most the places are unknown for both me and my teammates
When we reach an unknown place, most of the time it happens that we can not find our way.
As usual, we have to take our phone out of pocket or jeans, go maps and find where we are, finally where and which direction to go next.

If you have a phone bike mount connected with your bicycle handlebars, then you won’t have to think about your phone whether it falls from pocket or not.
Despite having all these necessities and advantages, you may have to return the cell phone bike mount even if you buy the best bike phone mount of the market.

bicycle phone mount

bicycle phone mount

There could be several reasons like it is not suitable for your phone, the size is larger or smaller than your phone, so it does not adjust with your phone, you have changed your phone, so the cell phone mount becomes useless, the phone mount does not fit with your bicycle handlebars or you may just not like after getting it on your hand.
Whatever happens, you can return it. But, the time you have spent to find out the best phone mount for bike, and the experience you got while searching for it, is the thing you’ll be happy for.
Experience never fails a person.

The experience you gained today can help you make your cycling life better in the future.
But, we all wish that you did not have to return the product you bought.
Finally, a bike phone mount gives you relief from your phone to be lost and provides you freedom of listening to music, watching the map, monitoring your health report and fitness.
You can’t just deny the advantages of a good bike phone mount whether you use it or not.
If you use it, tell us how does it feel and what do you like about it. Also, let us know which on from here are you buying?
Keep riding!

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