How To Clean A Mountain Bike

Bikes are our inseparable companion when it comes to exercise, fitness improvement and to refresh our mind.
Even 15 minutes of cycling a day can improve our health.

Clean your bike at least once a week.
Look after to your bike, You bike will look after you.

Find A Perfect Place To Wash Your Mountain Bike.

Those who live in their own house has got a place to clean their mountain bike.
They just need to take it in the garden, parking area or unused space and clean it.
They can also make a home bike wash station if they wish so.

But, those who are apartment dwellers or living in a mountain biking nomadic life, its some kind of impossible for them to find a place to wash their mountain bike.
They can also make their home bike wash station if they don’t like to wash their bike in the garden. Homemade bike wash is awesome

Nowadays most of the mountain bike trail has got mountain bike wash stand attached with their trailhead. Which is awesome and a great help for the mountain bikers

Although, homemade bike wash is awesome.

Jack Hudson

Passionate for Biking. Love to give long tours with my Bike. Cross-country mainly

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