Newzealand Company Pays Workers $10 Per Day For Biking To Office

A company in New Zealand wants its employees to ride their bike to the office. They are also paying for it.
Recently, this company started an initiative to pay their workers $5 per day if they agree to ride to their office on a bike. And $10 per day if they do it consistently for more than 6 months.

Cities like Amsterdam of Europe has already started the same kind of paid-initiation to fight against environmental pollution and in order to make their employees healthy.
As a result, nowadays none can see people going to their office riding a bus, but a pollution free bike.

Back to New Zealand, the city started this inception is Christchurch, has more cycles than any other cities in New Zealand. what do you think ?

The inception may seem funny, but, it really works.

Jack Hudson

Passionate for Biking. Love to give long tours with my Bike. Cross-country mainly

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