Things To Avoid When Buying A New Mountain Bike

After purchase, and riding or using for some time, with pros, cons also can be visible on your bike and its accessories. Some of the cons may be so much noticeable by others.
Everyone should give priority to both their bike and bike accessories if they are made with quality materials or not. So that you can get assured that the price you have spent is worth it.

However, you should not pay for something that is not good or useful to you or made with low-class materials.
So, think before you leap.
Before buying any bike read buying guides for bikes.
Before buying accessories, first of all, think, if it is really useful to you even after years from purchasing it.
Calculate, it if goes with your kind of bike you own.
Or else your money can go in vain, and we don’t want our followers to waste their money or get fooled by purchasing things they don’t actually need that much for not thinking before. Cause we THINK about them.

And we made a list of things you should not buy or avoid when buying a new mountain bike.

Here are they.

Essential Accessories.

Everyone knows that there are lots of accessories exists and most of them are useful for cyclists.
So, one should never ever take one and keep one, moreover, they should search their needed accessories and purchase them, such as bike helmet, Bike Lock, LED lights, spoke lights and bike padding etc.

If, the bike you got suggested by someone or any blog or planned to purchase, has all of these accessories with it at a decent price, then go for it.
If it doesn’t have got these accessories with it, then try to get one in such a price range so that you can buy these accessories separately,
This kind of deal can be named as “Perfect Purchase”.


After buying a mountain bike, and having several rides you may feel the need of modifying your bike, like adding some new and different features, inserting some more parts, and assembling some extra parts together to make it more powerful and a perfect beast.

So, you should search for a bike in which you can do these kinds of customizations in various ways.

Actually, for anyone, the perfect bike doesn’t exist.
Therefore, either you or your bike should have the potentiality to modify the bike according to your need and demand.
To gain this, try to buy a bike that has a lot of functions. These are the bike that can be easily modified. You won’t have to worry about the modification if you buy this kind of well-functioned bikes.
Usually, most of the mountain bikes are well-functioned. But, it is obvious that you should check your bike completely before hitting the order button

Eventually, a bike that seems to be uncustomizable or has a short body should be fully avoided.
Cause you would not like a bike that you can not reconfigure on your preferences. Isn’t it?

You can modify your bike from the nearest bike modification center or sometimes in the shop you have bought your bike from.

Purchasing Without Testing Practically.

This is obvious that no one should believe everything they see or read online, particularly when it is a matter of buying a practical product like a bike.
It may seem to be good enough for you or perfect for you, but imperfect in real. And you realize that after that product arrives at you.
Don’t buy things you don’t have an idea about.
Even if you have ridden that bike before, don’t purchase it without knowing fully.
Cause there could be several things you can differentiate between the one you rode and the one you have ordered online. Such as size, width, tires durability, unadjusted seat etc which are unbearable problems one has to go with.

In the other hands, if you can ride the bike before purchasing, then make sure the bike meets all your requirements, perfect for your size, good for modification, and everything else you want on your bike.
If you don’t get them on the bike then don’t buy it, go for the next one, and repeat.
Ride it, as long as you can take a perfect decision.

Take A Look At The Tires

Mountain bike Tires aren’t like the other.
They are used to trail on hills, mountains, and most of the dangerous rides a bike rever has.
So, the tire should be durable to adjust to these shocks and hits and should be long-lasting.
Or else, you may get disappointed after riding it for several days.
To avoid these kinds of disappointment, be careful about choosing your tire.

Try Out Several Bikes.

This is something that should not be avoided.
When purchasing one should not decide by only testing one bike.
Moreover, they should have a test ride of several bikes.

Cause, no one would like to regret after seeing a better bike than their one.
Therefore, to avoid this try out several bikes.
Maybe your kind of bike or the bike with your requirements is somewhere else.
So, search in multiple shops to find your desired mountain bike.

Avoid Bikes That Doesn’t Meet Your Preferences

By purchasing a good brand mountain bike would not always fulfill your expectations. So try to search in every common and popular brand to find your dream mountain bike.

As mentioned earlier, The perfect bike does not exist.
You would have to find the best-matched bike and then modify it to get the rest of the requirements on the new beast.

You may have read a lots bike buying guide, but eventually, it is you who will ride the beast, so, test everything you want to have on your bike, observe closely, think if you can ride this for at least 5 years and fulfills your preferences while riding or not. Then go for the final purchase. Check everything in a way that you won’t have to regret later.
All the best

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